Me again.

I feel I have some sort of majority ownership over all the jobs I’ll be talking about here, but sorting through it all makes me realise just how many other people have helped to make it happen.

So in a bid to give credit where it’s due, and rather than clutter up the main bit of the blog, I’m going to do a tedious list of names here.

Well, tedious if you’re not on it I guess.

I’ll be sticking largely to key contributions, so if you helped carry the bags to the meeting or set the trapping on the artwork, I love you, you were amazing, but please don’t be offended if you are not included.

In order of appearance, and as much as my memory will allow:

1989 Scunthorpe Calendar
Carole Van Hoffelen – tutor
Sean Coleman – handlettering
Janine Byrne – photography
Fellow finalist – Teresa Rowe

2003 Pathfinder drinks promotion posters
Sharon Sully – label soaking assistant
Lisa Preece – Burger lettering
Rachel Spivey – Curry and Burger photographer

2008 Bank’s poster
Sam Moxon (and Matt) – photography
Malcolm Moore – retouch and artwork

1997 Wine in Time
Rachel Spivey – model
Adrian Haigh – photographer

1990 Graffiti Vodka
Janine Byrne & Garth Stewart – guest doodlers

2007-2012 Rachel Spivey Photographer
Paul Beacham – build of
Ian Davies – build and maintenance of and

2006-2007 Flagship windows
Sue Cameron
Paul Barton
Paul Beacham
Jo Bevan
Andy Davy
Leigh Dunks
Jeremy Eaton
Alex Johnson
Tom Maguire
Malcolm Moore
Lisa Preece
Phillipa Ravenscroft


1995 BT Message Services
Tim Empson – account handling
Melaine Lawrence – project managing
Graham Bullock – photography

1996 Mediacom Long Distance
Tim Empson – account handling
Melaine Lawrence – project managing
Ian Winstanley @ Star – photography

1991 Les Boréades
Mark Hardisty – US flag photoshoot assistant

2009 Jeni Aldridge flyer
Rachel Spivey – photography

2009-2010 Garter Lounge posters
Rachel Spivey – photography

2012 Leamington Looks Back
Nick Whitehouse – web programming
Charlie Bentley-Beard – screen printing

1998 – 1999 Campaign
Paul Barton
Hannah Bird
Ian Clewett
Joanne Delo
Louise Gordon
Dennis O’Neill
Caroline Somerset
Caroline Sparkes

(apologies if I have got any of those wrong)

2003 – 2007 Bank Account
Paul Beacham
Jo Bevan
Sue Cameron
Leigh Dunks
Jeremy Eaton
James Flaherty
Roz Manduvi
Sian McCrainor
Malcolm Moore
Dennis O’Neill
Paul Owen
Melissa Page
Lisa Preece
Sharon Sully
(apologies if I have got any of those wrong – over four years there were lots!)

Sam Moxon – photography
Peter Dazely – photography
V2 – installations

1992 – 2002 Parenthesis Christmas Cards
Hannah Bird
Rachel Cooper
Dave Evans
Alan Fisher
Colin Higton
Max Stewart

2004 – 2012 Vital Christmas Cards
Paul Barton
Paul Beacham
Ian Davies
Leigh Dunks
Graeme Longstaff
Malcolm Moore
Dennis O’Neill
Lisa Preece
Rob Wilson

1995 NEMA Awards
Colin Higton – creative direction
Julian Reville – artwork

c2002 Massey Ferguson Cerea MF 720o
Paul Barton – Lead Creative

2013 Brewer’s Select
Sarah Dekany – design development
Malcolm Moore – artwork
Dave Evans – web design

2012 Home Insurance Campaign
Sarah Dekany – design development
Rachel Spivey –photography
Sue Cameron – artwork and retouch

2011 Farm safety
Paul Barton – web design development
Nick Whitehouse – web build
Dennis O’Neill – copywriting
Sue Cameron and Malcolm Moore – artwork
Leigh Dunks – banner ad design
Ed Lewis – banner ad animation

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